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General Fitness Classes

“We are a Fitmob”

Personal Training in a small group setting with your friends at a time and location suitable for you. We all know that we Ladies like to be sociable and there is no better time for this than when you have a new baby – so if you have found a group of friends why not do some exercise together to give each other support and encouragement to get rid of that baby gain. Click here to find out more about these classes.

“Fitmob - Confident me”

One to one Personal Training. Personal training can seem like a daunting prospect and perhaps to some like a one to one military or boot camp fitness, but Personal Training is not all about the exercise class, it’s a review of your whole lifestyle to set some realistic and suitable goals for just you.

We all have pressures and fitness may be lower down on our priority lists, You may not be achieving what you want to achieve with your current exercise regime, you may think you don’t have time, or are worried about going to a more public class. Whether there is a special goal in mind like your wedding day or special occasion, or just want to be more involved with the children in their active lifestyle then contact me for a review and personal plan meeting.

Prices start at £15:00 for introductory session where we identify your goals and exercise regime, set a baseline assessment of fitness test, then you get your first personal Training session free.

Ongoing costs £15:00 a session or
Block book 6 sessions at reduced rate of £82:00 or
12 sessions for £165 (equivalent of one session free.)

Click here to find out more about these classes and book.

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