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About Fitmob

Kay Aitken - Personal Trainer

“Well I wouldn’t say I was sporty” is often the first line I use when talking about my own approach to Fitness. I believe that improving Health and Fitness shouldn’t be considered by how much sport we play or how far we run. Instead fitness is about being active!

My Passion in the Fitness and Personal Training world is working with people who shy away from the formal sports and gym structures but don’t know other ways of improving health.

My Challenge is to find fun and enjoyable ways to engage you in workouts that make you more active and help you achieve your target, whether that’s weight loss, improved strength and conditioning or even reducing stress.

I think being more active should be something we enjoy doing, something we look forward to and something that make us feel alive at the end of the session. I use lots of techniques but always functional in nature; strengthen the body to do what it does better.

I also don’t believe in selling quick fix and 28 day challenges, instead you get long lasting advice and support, interesting and dynamic programmes which will help teach you ways of safely changing your lifestyle for an improved you.

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