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Every Journey begins with a single step but you’ll never finish if you don’t start

Welcome to Fitmob, the Mobile Fitness Company, where fitness is specific to you and available at times and locations that suit you.

If you're looking for something different in the health and fitness market, then you've found it!

Fitmob exists to provide women with exercise choices, which are appropriate and effective for all the stages of your life. Some classes allow Babies/Toddlers to come along with you, and some classes give you the opportunity to find time for yourself, or to exercise with friends, family or your partner.

Postnatal Classes


The perfect class no matter what your postnatal stage and the best way to get back into shape after your new arrival…

Prenatal Classes

You may be no stranger to exercise, and it has been proven that safe and well managed exercise in both the pre and post natal period is highly beneficial to mother and baby…

General Fitness Classes

Personal Training in a small group setting with your friends at a time and location suitable for you. We all know that we Ladies like to be social able and there is no better time for this than when you have a new baby…

Weight & Nutrition Classes

A 6-week course designed to review your pre and post pregnancy diet to ensure you set out on the right pathway to get back to your old self or new self…

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